Friday, April 17, 2009

Would You Like A Glowing Review ForCasa Griffin?

Here is the nice unsolicited email we received from a former renter that has made us decide to go back through our contract
files for the last couple of years and post some of the kind
words people have shared with us about their time at Casa Griffin:

Hi Andrew,

I was just searching the site (got an email saying the site improved and was curious) and decided to check if you were still renting that beautiful house of yours and saw that you are. My kids just spoke about your house last night, asking if we could go back. We have no plans at the present time, but was happy to see that your house is still an option if we do!

I also checked on the site to see if I could leave a review of your home and couldn't find one. If there is and you would like me to leave a glowing review, it would be my pleasure. We rented from you two summers ago - I have two kids and the other family we shared with had 3 kids. We were meeting good friends half way across the country - they are from CA and we were from NJ. Your home was the perfect retreat and so kid friendly..and you can't beat the location or the views!!

Please say hello to your wife and let me know if you would like a review to add to your listing. (
Donna W., New Jersey)

Although DW has inspired us to go through our files, we will be doing it in a leisurely fashion over the next couple of months....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Casa Griffin Guest Comments

We'll be going through our old files to share some of the comments of guests who have visited our Casa. After we have transcribed most of them from
the three years we've rented through the original VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owners) we'll sign up with the new guestbook.

"Thanks so much for allowing us to share your beautiful home. We had a very enjoyable stay.
Everything was perfect!

Kind Regards,

Janet & Gary L.
(To purchase the Kokopelli Statue or Candles)